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Solar Flood light - 90W Solar PIR

  • Solar Flood light - 90W Solar PIR

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5 Years Warranty



The 90w HPC Motion sensing Solar flood light is a compact high-power Solar LED flood light design a motion sensor with Lithium battery technology. This model is supplied with a 90w Philips SMD LED Module with a lumen output of 160lm/w. Lighting parameters are based on 12.5 hours per night for your longest winter night to operate 365 days per year with a 2 day reserve in smart power. L100% power once the sensor is activated for a period of 20 - 30 seconds dimming back to 35%

PIR motion sensor will detect any movement within an 8-meter Radius with a detection zone of 60 degrees from the sensor which will span over a 35 - 40m2 area.

Light distribution options on the modules are 30, 45, 60, 90 & 110 degrees or with an Asymmetrical lens option.

Battery requires at least 5 hours to replenish.

Our standard LED brand options are, Philips or Cree SMD LEDS.

Standard warranties on components:

LEDS 5 years, Electronics 3 years, Solar panels 25 years, Poles 10 years workmanship




Power: 90W

LED: Philips Lumileds

IP Rating: IP66

Flux @ CCT 5000K: 14400 lumens

Warranty: 5 years

CRI: 70-80

Optical Control: PMMA Lenses

Average Life Span: 10 years

Operating temp: -30 Deg~ + 45 Deg

Mounting Height: 7m above ground

Beam Angle: 30, 60, 90 & 110 degrees

Pole to Pole Distance: 35-40 meters


Lithium Ferro Phosphate

Voltage at Max Power: 12.8V

Capacity: 1228Wh

Cycles: 2000 – 4000

Solar Panel:

Rated Power: 100W Mono

Voltage at Max Power: 38,3V

Current at Max Power: 4,7A


Charge Type: MPPT Smart 365

Dimming: Intelligent IC - 100 / 70 / 50 / 30

Day Night Sensors: Integrated into controller

Lighting Parameters: 4 stage Programmable

Electrical Protection: IP 68, Temperature compensation, Overheating, overcharging and Over discharging protections

Bracketing and Battery Boxes: Alu Zinc and powder coated,

Manufactured in an SABS approved facility with ISO 9001

3CR12 Stainless steel optional for coastal environments

Pole: Galvanized steel, 8m pole with flood light collar - 101 - 89mm

Powder Coating: Optional