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Shuttle 800W - Trailing Edge Rotary Dimmer

  • Shuttle 800W - Trailing Edge Rotary Dimmer

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Key Features:

Shuttle trailing edge rotary dimmers are separately switched, compact, modular dimming mechanisms rated at 500W and 800W, and designed for universal load compatibility. The units utilise powerful and sophisticated dimming technology to provide full control of almost any type of load.  The dimmers also incorporate over-current and over-temperature protection devices and are capable of withstanding persistent short circuit conditions.
•    Dimming is to the lowest point
•    Added surge protection
•    Minimum load is one lamp
•    No flickering
•    100% silent
•    Locally manufactured under ISO conditions
•    SABS/NRCS approved, comply with EU CE, RoHS and Hazardous Materials directives, Australian SAA, RMA and C-tick requirements and ICASA mandatory requirements for conducted and radiated emissions

Maximum Load Power: 800VA (230VAC) 3.4A
Normal Operating Voltage: 190-253 VAC, 50 Hz +/-5%
Dimming Method: Trailing Edge
Minimum Operating Voltage: 100 V AC
Max. Wire Resistance (bell-press control): 50k Ohm
Minimum Load Power:
Resistive: 2W
Inductive: Not Compatible
Electronic Transformer: 20W
Retain Memory After Power Failure: Yes
Brown-out protection: Yes
High Frequency AC transient protection: Yes
Surge Protection: Yes, 400 mJ
Microprocessor Control: Yes
Soft Start and Soft Off: Yes
Bell-press Control: Continuous cycling
Minimum Intensity Control: Yes
Memory: Yes, returns to prev dimming level on switch on.
Enclosure dims: 42mm x 42mm x 12mm
SABS/NRCS Approval: RCC no 1206515
Latest Info found here:
Yes, because even when full on, dimmers supplied the lamp with a maximum of 92-95% of the full AC voltage and hence provides a slight energy saving. As the lamp is dimmed more, the RMS voltage across the lamp is reduced and the energy saving becomes more. As an example, an incandescent or halogen lamp which is 50% dimmed uses at least 40% less energy compared to when fully on.