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SolarFlex 6mm Red

  • SolarFlex 6mm Red

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Part No: 705777

No. cores x cross-sec. mm²: 1 x 6

Outer Ø app. Mm: 5,9

Cop. Weight kg / km: 57,6

Weight app. kg / km: 82

Current-carrying capacity [A] at60°C: 70

Conductor resistance Ω / km at 20°C: 3,390

Sheath colour: natural/red


The perfect cable for photovoltaic systems:

With our SOLARFLEX®-X PV1-F HELUKABEL® we offer a product in our designated Green Line, which is in the scope of our long lasting commitment to renewable energies and has TÜV and VDE certifications along with the highest quality standards typical for HELUKABEL® products. The production takes place in our own cable factory in Germany. Therefore we can act flexible, fast

and an in a cost-effective manner to market requirements. Cross-sections from 1 x 2,5 mm² up to 1 x 95 mm² are available from stock. If required we are able to deliver SOLARFLEX®-X PV1-F up to 1 x 240 mm². The wire is used globally in stand-alone and networked systems as a module or branch wire. Both insulation layers are set-off coloured from each other for improved handling: black sheathing on natural colour conductor insulation in the standard version, or optionally, red or blue sheathing to simplify local installation. Twin wire SOLARFLEX®-X PV1-F in cross-sections from 2 x 2,5 mm² up to 2 x 16 mm² are also available. In addition we offer pre-assembled cables, connectors and tools for professional assembly of photovoltaic installations.

Additional Technical Data

• temperature range

-40°C to +90°C

max. temp. at conductor +120°C

• nominal voltage

according to VDE U0/U 600/1000 V AC

1800 V DC conductor/conductor

• AC test voltage 10000 V

• minimum bending radius

fixed installation approx. 10 x outer Ø

flexing (occasional) approx. 4 x cable Ø

Cable structure

• bare copper, tinned, finely stranded

• according to DIN VDE 0295 Class 5 and

IEC 60228 cl.

• double-insulated

• Insulation cross-linked Polyolefin

• outer sheath cross-linked Polyolefin

• sheath colours: black, red, blue


• approval: VDE (Reg. 8266), TÜV

(2 PfG 1169/08.2007, R60025298),

UL on request, RoHS and CE compliant

According to PV1-F requirement profile for

PV cables DKE/VDE AK 411.2.3

• ozone resistant acc. to EN 50396

• weather and UV resistant acc. to HD 605/A1

• halogen-free acc. to EN 50267-2-1,

EN 60684-2

• resistant to acid and bases acc. to

EN 60811-2-1

• flame-resistant according to

VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2,

IEC 60332-1

• very robust and abraison-resistant sheath

acc. to DIN EN 53516

• resistant to short-circuits up to 200°C thanks

to their double insulation; short-circuits

temperature 200°C / 5 sec.

• anticipated service life - 25 years

• hydrolysis and ammoniac resistant


• version with UL approval on request

• version with rodent protection available

• all types with meter marking