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Street Light, COB series, 70W

  • Street Light, COB series, 70W

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Our 70W LED street lights are locally assembled and use 1 single 70W Bridgelux / Litup LED as the light source, constant current power supply, wide voltage input (AC85-277V or DC 12-24V), no ultraviolet, infrared, heat and radiation. Excellent dust and water-resistant properties, good self-cleaning design, safety, reliability, low power consumption, long service life. Modern urban design aesthetics, heat resistance, good sealing performance.

High luminous efficiency, visual fidelity, flicker-free. Fantastic designed light distribution system. 50,000 hours of continuous use Installation flexibility. Structural material, aluminium alloy die-casted, high quality glass lens with good light, dustproof and waterproof, sealed firmware to enhance security and reliability of the lamp. Surface treated with an environmentally friendly powder coating process so that light itself has good self-cleaning functionality.

APPLICATION SCOPE: City roads, residential areas, industrial areas, sidewalks, parks, schools, villas, estates and other applications where street lighting is required:

The lamp uses Bridgelux 140lm/w / Litup 143lm /w COB LED chip as the light source, coupled with high efficiency AC / DC switching power supplies or DC / DC current drive power, efficiency up to 90%, constant current drive power efficiency up to 95%.


Input Voltage: 85-277 VAC (dc options also available)

Frequency: 47-63 HZ

Power rating: 70W

Power factor: >0.95

Power efficiency: 90%

LED lighting efficiency: 115 lm/W

Whole Lamp luminance: 8000 lm

Mid Illumination:

lux (Height=8m):≥19 lux

lux (Height=10m):≥12 lux

Colour Temperature: 2700-7000K (available)

colour Rendering Index: 80 Ra

Light Distribution: Asymmetric (Bat Wing) / Rectangular Beam

Light Efficiency: 85 %

LED quantity PCS: 1

Working Temperature: -30 degrees ~ 55 degrees C

Working Humidity: 10-90 %

Storage Temperature: -10 degrees C ~85 degrees C

Life (theoretical data): >50,000Hrs Hrs

Protection class: IP 65

Product size: 500*210*50 L×W×Hmm

Packing Size: 520*240*120mm L×W×Hmm

Net Weight: 3 KG




This product is suitable for industrial AC power supply network, using the ambient temperature

range is -30 degrees C ~ 55 degrees C.

Installation of cable at the first street light take a length of 15-18 meters of cable wire (the actual

length of the street lights installed may vary), cable specification: 3 * 1 m (squared), black sleeving,

diameter 8mm, cable outlet connection required (wiring labelled).


Lights in paper bag (internal plus foam)

Lights should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, the storage temperature is -10 degrees C


LED Driver 3 years (5 year optional)

(LED Chip 4 Years)

IEC 60598-2-3 Certified